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Love for food

Here in the small and cozy town of Mission BC homes a unique restaurant called Embers BBQ House. This charming little hole in the wall is situated on the North bank of the Fraser River overlooking the Central Fraser Valley eighty kilometres east of Vancouver. Embers BBQ House has been a family owned and operated restaurant for the past 15 years. Embers prides itself on serving spectacular authentic BBQ that has been recruiting loyal customers since it’s small beginnings.

The restaurant has a vibrant and open kitchen and dinning concept. This creates for a unique and enjoyable dinning atmosphere that will not only provide a delicious meal but a show. Embers heart and soul is their food.The chefs take pride in their full homemade menu that will please anyone’s taste buds. The cuisine is down right comfort food that will warm you’re belly and your soul. Embers offers a variety of favourites dishes. Starting with our signature slow roasted pulled pork, that creates many popular entrees such as the Classic Pulled Pork Sandwich, The Pulled Pork Poutine and our most popular and talked about menu item the Pulled Pork Wrap. Embers also prides its self on its large portions sizes and its reasonable prices,that are affordable within any budget.

Other house favourites include the slow roasted pork ribs that are smothers in homemade BBQ sauce and can be dipped in our signature homemade hot sauce that always keeps the customers coming back for more. As well as our top secret one of a kind sweet sticky wings, created from an original Embers recipe. Lastly let’s not forget to mention our on the bone fire-grilled chicken that is marinated in a mix of spices and seasoning then cooked to perfection and always to ready to serve.

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